Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Momma I'm Movin' Out

Last week John and I handed in our thirty day notice so on Oct. 30th we will vacate the residence that I have called home for two years.…. You might say to yourself, “well you aren’t closing until Nov. 20th.” And to that I say you are right. We will become the wandering nomads for approximately a month. Living out of our cars and braving the fierce Adirondack frosts. Okay maybe not nomads, but back to living with our parents. A flash back of memories flicker before me. Such memories are too far past to ever become reality again. These memories are of an easier time when my largest concern was what to wear.

So two days ago we picked out our storage until, a modest 5’X10’ unit not located to far from the new house. It sits empty as I have to admit I am struggling at the thought of packing. Packing is my arch nemesis and the enemy to all those who are unorganized. I stand by as the bulging heaps of my vast collections point and laugh in my face. Maybe I put off moving just because I knew this day would come, the day when I have to face the clutter demons. Some might think of me as a hoarder. I don’t know if I could argue otherwise. My precious things; it almost pains me to think of them stuffed in a cold, metal, lifeless box for 30 days. Arg, the necessary evil.

The 30 day notice was very sobering for me and left a massive pit in my stomach. One can’t help think…what if…What if everything falls through, what if I made a mistake, and what if I just gave up the best location ever to be doomed to live with my parents all winter long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Winters at my parent’s house might not have been as savage as the Donner Party’s finals days but the brawls what could ensue from cabin fever sure was a testament to primal human nature. Welcome to the Adirondacks.

That’s all for now…

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